Small Business, Big Ecommerce Opportunity

Can your small business compete against industry leaders in ecommerce? You’d be surprised: it’s not always about lowest price, it’s about value. Learn more about what today’s customers need and want from you.

Build Relationships with PR

Six Degrees of Public Relations

What does the public think of your business, of who you are and what you do? Why does it matter, and what can you do about it? In two words: public relations.

Grow Affinity with Your Customers

4 Key Factors to Build Affinity and Drive Sales

Minimizing costs is a logical approach to running your small business. At the same time, skimping on marketing and promotion is not a successful strategy. How do you find the sweet spot—where you can minimize costs and still promote your business successfully? Learn more…

Engage your Customers

Rules of Engagement (Marketing)

What do you need to know about engagement marketing? Well, if you don’t use it, your customers and competitors will. Here’s how to make the most of it!