Be sure to communicate effectively with your clients!

You talkin’ to me?

In a previous Monday Muster’d post we talked about four key factors that help build relationships with your customers and drive sales. This week we explore communicating with your customers and providing them valuable information. Who you are as a small business, and what you do, has value—or your business …

The user interface of your website can help or hinder access to the information clients and potential clients seek.

No Bread Crumbs Required

If your website is difficult to navigate—leaving your customers feeling like they need a trail of virtual bread crumbs to find what they need—they may leave feeling confused and frustrated. Learn how to build a website that adds value and ensures a return on your online investment.

Start a conversation and build relationships through social media

Start a conversation!

Don’t let the name fool you: it may be called “social” media, but it deserves serious consideration in the marketing of your small business.

good online content is like gold

(The Value In) Great Expectations

In a perfect (and perfectly attainable) world, your website should operate as a reflection and extension of your business. As tempting as it might be to settle for re-purposing a brochure or other marketing materials to serve as website content, think again: your customers expect—and deserve—more. Read on…

old-fashioned database

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s data mining we go!

Do you have a list of your customers’ emails? A mailing list of customer addresses? A bunch of names scribbled on a piece of paper? If you do, you have data, and data has powerful marketing potential—if you know how to use it.